The Student Charity Ambassador Program Rewards Redemption Center was created in 2018 as a fulfillment center to redeem various incentive offers for hundreds of businesses that support our various charitable programs. Businesses offer their customers these incentives for taking some action by the customer. Regardless of the incentive offer you may have, you may order any of the incentive offers available on this website. If you order any item that you do not have a certificate for, please read the terms and conditions and the FAQ’s for that item before redeeming it. In other words, if you have a vacation certificate for a particular vacation offer and there are four different vacation offers on this website. The terms and conditions for each vacation offer will be different. Terms and conditions and FAQ’s will appear at the top of each item page.

Refund Policy: Any Vacation voucher processing fee paid to SCAP is fully refundable. Simply return the offer and request a refund of the processing fee you paid SCAP. Any fee paid to any other company cannot be refunded by SCAP.

Feedback: SCAP Rewards sends a questionnaire to 20% of our customers asking for feedback on various offers. If negative feedback is received SCAP has the right to stop redeeming any offer and return the processing fee for that particular offer.

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